Optimising small apartment functionality – case study

I’ve been asked by the owners of a two-room flat situated in the Wilda District in Poznań to renovate apartment and make it fit for rent again, it was located in the third floor, with a nice antique elevator from the last 20th century. It consisted of a hall, two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

What had to be done?

  1. The main problem was the minimal functionality of the bathroom. Namely a huge archaic shower tube, a washing machine standing on make-fit platform and a sink so hard to reach it makes a challenge to wash your hands.
  2. The wardrobe in the hall was so huge that only one person could pass though it at a time.
  3. Improper installation of the stove lead to it not being properly ventilated which in turn resulted in it burning.
  4. The flat was painted following 90s tends, with blue and yellow overtaking the scene and further contributing to limiting the functionally of what’s already not a spacious nor functional flat.

What has been done?

  1. We have enhanced the functionality of the bathroom removing the platform of the washing machine and switching the positions of the sink and the washing machine.
  2. Sanitary ceramics and armature have been changed in favour for new ones from Koło and Grohe. The blue and yellow terracotta tiles were replaced by grey tiles (60×60 cm) together with wooden tiles as an addition. We have bought a new heater and relocated it to the neighbouring
  3. The addition of grey tiles gave the impression of a larger space compared to previous mix of blue and terracotta. The walls have been painted grey (NCS S-1000 N) to match, adding to the feel of spaciousness across the rooms of the flat.
  4. We have changed the flooring panels in the rooms in favour of Krono’s Luna Oak Livorno and used a dedicated skirting-board.
  5. The doors have also been replaced with DRE Standard 40 to match the floor panels.
  6. We kept the kitchen cabinets but had to change the countertop to have an optimal space for an Amica stove along with an Amica exhaust hood.
  7. New wardrobe was made by a well-known carpenter, having its fronts resembling A mirror and a clothes hanger have also been added in the hall.
  8. The lights in the hall, the kitchen and the bathroom have been replaced by LEDs, which additionally brightened and enlarged that space.