Pot plants for busy

Fans of the cultivation of pot plants at home, is as many as their opponents.

I have always envied my mum neat flowers. Her flowers look really beautiful, and that’s not all they indeed are an ornament of her flat. And after all flowers cause that air seems cleaner, and the house or the cosier flat.

I unfortunately didn’t get this talent from my mum. My cacti died, not talking already about other more demanding plants. I asked my mum repeatedly, how she was doing it. What was shown? My mum is watering flowers when she see that they need it, she applies fertilizer batons (is exchanging them, what 2-3 months), isn’t keeping heaters close flowers and is talking to them…

I personally not have a clue, what it is possible to tell such a plant. Mum is advising every day to say hello to the plant, to approve its green leaves and rushes, and ask how today it is feeling, etc.

You will admit, that nicely after a busy day to get back home, to eat the dinner or the supper and rest in surrounding of close family, the dog or the cat, when and we don’t have it, at least amongst neat pot plants.

So I proposes to get no troublesome plants, that is so, which:

  • they don’t require frequent watering
  • they are carrying dry air
  • they don’t grow too quickly

I decided to take care of my plants and at the moment I can say with the full liability within 3 last months they survived as many as 4 species of plants at me:


1. Spider plant (chlorofytum)

2. Dracena

3. Zamiokulkas

4. Orchis

In the nearest future I decided to buy the following pot plants: Echmea, Juka, Sansewieria, Aglonema i Tree of happiness. I don’t know whether it won’t be for the greatest challenge as for me. I let you know about an effect.