What to do with the kitchen?

A few years ago, it was completly normal that in every house, the kitchen was separated from the rest of the apartment and only particular members of the family would have an access to it. Reasons were different: not good smell of cooked dishes, mess after cooking or even poor quality of the kitchenware. That all didn’t encourage us to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

In the age of „social media”, when we have hundreds of virtual friends, we would love to have an opportunity to go back  to the days when we used to meet with friends and family in real not just online. Well it turns out because kitchen is starting to be a heart of our home! It doesn’t matter whether the flat has 35 square meters or 130 sq.m. Nowadays we connect living room with a kitchen to show others modern and expensive equipment as well as designer furniture. We buy the ecological food, we use culinary blogs and with a company of bottle of wine we cook together with our friends. It is also a great place to do a homework with our children, have a quick chat with our friend and even to organise romantic dinner with our partner. That all are good reasons to have a sit and think for a moment before we finally decide how our dreamed kitchen would look like.

If we decide to ”open kitchen”, it should be corresponded with the living room. Colours, the design of furniture, materials and additions – that all should compose.

The kitchen furniture and kitchenware should be functional, safe in using and comfortable to use.

Additionally it is essential, that the space in the kitchen is designed according to principles of the ergonomics, without unnecessary overloading or leaving blank places.

In the end it is important to remember that a modern kitchen is quite costly investment, therefore should reflect our lifestyle and our personality!

So what should we take under the consideration when we design the modern kitchen?

  1. Think a bit if the kitchen supposed to be open to or to remain the separate room. Sometimes, particularly in the old construction, the structure of a building not allows us to make open kitchen.
  2. Who will be using the kitchen: adults, children, and maybe elderly people and disabled?
  3. For what we will be using kitchen? Only to prepare meals? How much place it will be needed to satisfy you?
  4. What kind of kitchenware do you need? Will it be equipment in full buildings? Or we would prefer to put refrigerator „side by side”? Additionally, do we want to have a washing machine in the kitchen?
  5. What will be more useful for us: table for 8 persons, and a canteen with bar stools?
  6. What kind of furniture are we going to order: made by IKEA or furnitures made by a carpenter who will follow our signs? The easiest but also the most expensive solution would be the full project prepared by the special design studio.