Furniture to order

Furniture to individual order

In the course of the implementation of projects for my customers, many times it turned out we aren’t able to apply of ready furniture from network shops, internet shops or even though exclusive boutiques. It has often resulted from peculiar dimensions of rooms, more than standard heights, angles or strange alcoves making it impossible to put the utility furniture there or the decoration. Moreover customers more and more often want to abandon clich├ęd solutions and ask for creating furniture in accordance with their individual tastes and needs. For the interior designer such a customer is treasure and the challenge!

Along with the help of the friendly carpenter, I can offer you the project and the workmanship:

  1. Kitchen to the dimension, along with tops made from durable laminated fabrics, the natural stone or the conglomeration.
  2. Functional built-in wardrobes with the sliding door or opened (made from plates, glass or mirrors).
  3. Room wardrobes, chests of drawers and tables made of the solid wood, adapted with the shape and the dimension into the given room.
  4. Custom made shelves of steel figurehead and of solid wood.
  5. Bathroom furniture made from surfaces of processed wood, damp-proof, so as: MDF, HDF, shaving or plate decorated with the natural veneer.