Interior design

Interior design

Interior design is my passion. At my work I am trying to propose not only functional, but also in accordance with trends being in force at present solutions in the design. I am approaching every project individually, I am taking into consideration the personality, requirements and thinking of my Customers.

I use a computer program – Cad Decor at my work. It means that every single interior I can prepare and present as a 3D visualization which show the real look.

I am preparing visualisations of all rooms, with particular reference to bathrooms or the kitchen. Analysing the visualisation as the 3D you can become convinced whether the colors, a type or a size of ceramics, a shape or a kind of sanitary ceramic, illumination, furniture and accessories will suit you. At the visualization we can prepare unlimited changes as long as the look of the interior will satisfy you.

At may work I co-operate with proven and honest building crews, I have a handyman, a marriage who frame the pictures and mirrors, carpenters, glassmans, upholsterers, windows producers, fireplace producers, cleaning firms, gardeners and more other people without whom it couldn’t have been created any interesting and functional interior. I can magic up something from nothing, even though a budget is limited.

There are the following rules of cooperation with my customers

  1. Initial meeting. Watching the estate.
  2. Presentation of an expectation. Arrangement of the field and the budget of the project.
  3. Presentation of a foundations of the project.
  4. Signing an agreement.
  5. Stocktaking of the property.
  6. Preparing and presentation of a conception. Discussion. Acceptation.
  7. Preparing a project folder (3D visualization and description).
  8. Acceptation of the whole project.
  9. Accomplishment of the project including supervision of building crews. The choice of building materials, orders. Supervision of the budget.
  10. Polish of details – looking for furniture and decorations, that make the interiors more individual and timeless meaning.


The most important question is the participation of all inhabitants or users in the project.

Why? Because of the connection of expectations and needs of all inhabitant and in the difficult situations to get a necessary compromise:-)