One-room flat for the cat named Zuza

Interior design


My next project was a 38 sq.m. one-room flat located in very fashionable district call Jeżyce in Poznan. The flat was in practical completion stage and originally consists one room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor and a balcony. My client, the owner of a cat called Zuza decided that she wants to convert the kitchen to bedroom, and the kitchen to the living room. We ended up exchenging a bathtub to a shower and putting cypboard into an alcove. As a result we got very functional but not big flat with a lot of hiding places and wardrobes.

In the living room we seperated kitchenettea, which consists 2 separate sequences. Each sequence was made from different MDF plate. At first there were installed the following things: a kitchen sink, a dishwasher, a heating plate, an ventilation hood and a dustbin with a segregation. In that part cupboards were made from the MDF surface in ecru colour, varnished on full sheen. Illumination came from the LED slat running along wall cupboards. The second part of the appendix was fully developed. There were installed white goods, such as big refrigerator with a freezer compartment, an oven and a microwave oven. Cupboards were made from the MDF surface in colour of oak nature which fantastic correspondes to the oaken parquet on the floor. An integral part of the kitchenettea are

In the hall there was a huge amount of free space at my disposal. I decided to put there big wardrobe with three sliding doors (two made from the MDF in colour of oak and one made as a mirror). I also suggested traditional wardrobe with drawers and shelves made from MDF and carried out from the surface varnished on full sheen, in colour ecru). Such a big wardrobe surly provide enough space for all owner’s stuff as if there is just a little space in the bedroom. In the wardrobe there is also special seperate space for the vacuum cleaner, the ladder and the ironing board with the iron.

I covered the walls in the bathroom with graphite tiles imitating marble and floor with plates about 60×60 dimensions in ecru colour. I put the cupboard in the coulour of vivid green as an element of decoration. Above the washbasin, I decided to put two big mirrors which optically enlarged that small bathroom. Next to the mirrors I hung chromed lamps on two levels in the shape of icicles. The complementing elements of the bathroom are: a classical shower cubicle and geberit with the suspended bowl (by Duravit Company). In the bay in the bathroom I put capacious wardrobe made also from the varnished plate on full glints in ecru colour. There is still are a lot of space for goods such as washing machine, household detergents, powders and towels.