Rooms and living room with fire place in agritourism

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Rooms and living room with fire place in agritourism

The old post-German barn has a histry dating nearly 100 years back. It was built by German landowner who lived there in the beginning of XX century. The construction of the building is very strong and both of the tiers are usable.

On the first floor there are a common kitchen and almost 200 sq.m. living room. A fireplace is a heart of the living-room. The fireplace was designed by the owner and done by the local craftsman. The present owner decided to leave a wooden wainscot, drinks cupboard, billiard table, tables, chairs, bar stools and green chesterfields. Finally all above furniture remained and additionally in the living-room appeared: brazen chandeliers, a big mirror decorated by brazen frame, two sculptural French glass case, a few paintings about hunting and some other gadgets (brazen candle holders, the old sewing machine, collection of old irons).

On the first floor the owner decided to leave rooms for guests. After a few years of working as agritourism it was necessary to renovate most of them. All walls were repainted on white and balks were also renovated.

Initially in every room there were the same kind of furniture made of boards and rattan, in three different color: natural pine tree, green and gray. I didn’t have a big budget so I suggested to prepare rooms in different topics using only careful decorations. There were appeared 6 different rooms (lavender, loft, rustic, Van Gogh’s room and Indian’s room) which completly changed their so far dull decor.

Bathrooms were also renovated, we left white tiles on walls and floor, but changed ceramic and armature, furniture and lamps.