Three rooms apartment, Piątkowo District, Poznań

Interior design


Three rooms apartment, Piątkowo District, Poznań

The 68 sq.m. apartment is situated on the ground floor in the newly built building on Piątkowo Distrct in Poznań.

Investors are an active and working hard marriage from Cracow in the age of thirty. The project along with supervision was carried out exclusively with the virtual participation of Investors, the contact was held only with mails.

According to wishing Investors, the apartment was decorated in the Scandinavian style. We applied the following colours: whites, greynesses and beiges. There are a trilaminar board of white oak on the rooms’ floor. I suggested the classical door woodwork and skirting boards in colour to whites. White brick and plaster wall lamps in the shape of bones became an only decorative element of the living room.

Into the bathroom investors chose Italian tiles imitating the stone in colour grey and beige. These tiles also appeared on the floor in the kitchen and of entrance hall. We dispensed with the traditional footbath with a shower cubicle, for the landing with the linear outflow and of glass wall. We also commissioned to the carpenter making bathroom furniture to the dimension in order to get quite a lot of shelves to cosmetisc and other toilet knick-knacks.

The central place of the house was kitchen made in the Provençal style, along with the retro oven (Investors are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, because they love cooking). At rather small dimensions of this room, we tried to use every centimeter to cupboards, drawers and shelves.

In the hall however there is a functional built-in wardrobe with four sliding doors (2 wings were made from mirrors). Inside the wardrobe bars appeared to hanging short and long clothes, shelves for cartons with shoes, overhead cupboards to rarely used things, bags and suitcases, as well as the space for the vacuum cleaner or the iron from ironing board.